Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tristan's 3rd birthday for his friends. An amazing summeresque day. An amazing Mickey cake by Mom. Fun all around...Cole liked the frosting!

Wow....A new excavator for the backyard and a new Balance Bikey....The best birthday presents ever.

A handsome #2 scoping out the situation at Here We Grow, his 2-day a week daycare...I'm sure Kaitlyn was in site!

T. and Mom playing and laughing at the fountain--minus the water. It is obvious where the boys got their good looks!

Tristan's third birthday....A wonderful celebration with family, and a big ass chocolate peanut butter cake. Yum!

(I'm 3 and) I'm Scary and I Know It.....Variation of another song!

The best landscaping workcrew in all of Cortland...Goodbye Black Mountain!

Monkey-See Monkey-Do......!

Tristan auditioning for Titanic 3D. He was asked to play Rose standing at the safety railing of the bow of the ship. He forgot to raise his arms up.

Mom and boys enjoying early spring with a dinner picnic in our newly expanded backyard...

T. and Dad running to the "mailbox."