Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nothing like spending time with all my Boston cousins. They are so cool!

Christmas with my Mom and Dad--LIFE IS GOOD, REALLY GOOD...

Thanks Adrienne for lowering my ears. You made me look like a little boy now. Mom and Dad are sad...:(

Yiayia Catherine got bored and decided to give me a new dew--luckily it didn't last long!

Santa smelled a bit funny....oh well!

Papa's work has some really cool holiday lights.

My Cortland Christmas was very special...Everyone spoiled me so much--Thank you!

Yea--I think I'm going to like this Christmas tree thing...

I have the best friends--we had a nice Christmas party. The egg nog was strong. Thanks Ethan for my cool gifts.

My cloth diapers hinder my vertical--when they're off though, watch out Jordan!

I love it when my cousins and Yiayia and Papou come to visit Thanksgiving weekend...

My bottle rocks and so does my Great Grandpa Vic's hat.

Hangin' with my Cortland peeps!

Thanksgiving Rocks--I loved being a big turkey and I also loved my first 5K with Dad.