Friday, November 4, 2011

John Deere trucks--best purchases of the summer.....Diggin' and Loadin' and Dumpin'!

Pumkinfest and hayrides are the bomb. Thanks for finally coming home Dad.

Pumpkins growing in our very own backyard--How COOL!!!

We had such a good time picking apples and playing at Grismore Farms. Thanks Mom and Dad.

A special afternoon to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9-11. A neighborhood trash clean up and then to the FD to deliver treats and say thank you

Sharing is caring...we share most of the times!

Hey Cole, I'll share with you all the snacks I dont' like. OK?

Peekaboo. Thanks to my Cousin Chris, I learned the best hiding spot ever! It's fun to have Mom and Dad think I've left the yard.

Backyard fun.....Thanks Mom and Dad for fencing us in. In case you were unaware we've already figured out the gate system. Ha ha!

Who am I? A) Hanibal Lector B) A botox patient C) Cole eating a popsicle

Fun in our sleeping bag. Thanks Magra and Papa...!

Winning at the slots make me want to get up and dance...Nice moves Tristan and Cole but Yiayia steals the show!