Sunday, April 10, 2011

Even though I'm Thing 2, I'm a BIG BOY!

Did someone spike the cookies or the bottle? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The spaghetti-heads are so cool...

Party blowers are so much fun--Thanks Mom, great party toy.

The family...

Papou and Yiayia are so much fun...

My 2nd birthday party was so much fun. I love cake. I love presents. Most of all, I love my family!

Party animal!

Thanks Cole for my favorite birthday gift. "Wooooody."

My fun birthday day with Mom and Dad at the mall...I love bounce houses.

My first haircut--don't I look handsome?

We enjoy basketball games up at CHS--especially games that Otto goes to and games I get to shoot at hafltime.

Every once in awhile we actually play together nicely...

Happy Boy-

Coley the pain inflictor...

I know Papa struck out Daddy, I need to start practicing now so it doesn't happen to me.

Cole's reaction to how the Red Sox started the season-

I had so much fun bowling with the basketball team. I taught them everything I know.

Fun in the snow...

Future scarf model!

Tunnels are so much fun. They make me sweat. No, wait--that's puke remnants.

One of my many obsessions...a shoe fetish!