Friday, July 23, 2010

The boys went to the zoo for the first time. It was AWESOME!

Double trouble

Mommy and her big boys...behind those tired eyes is a very happy woman!


Cutie-patutie (I'm not sure how to spell that)

He's a high-fiving, slip-sliding maniac!

Snuggling with two of my favorite ladies and having a drink...does it get any better?

"Dad, you're so freakin' weird"

Daddy's teaching Cole how to play basketball already

Tristan had a blast swimming at the Kline's house! There's nothing better than splashing around on a hot summer's day...

It seems like everytime Cole and Daddy get together, they end up napping. Could Daddy really be THAT boring?

Tristan's a fan of all food, including cupcakes and watermelon. How do you think he keeps his figure?

I love hanging with my Aunt Jesse...she rocks!

Tristan and Nick have the most fun together!

Cole and his Cortland peeps...

Cole finally got to meet the Raymond family. We even got to go to the park & hang out with them and Anthony at the same time...cousins are the best!

Tristan and Cole loved seeing Uncle Kevin & cousin Molly, Aunt Helen & Maya, and Aunt Carole. It was great having everyone visit the boys!