Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Here, Cole...try this. It's delicious!"

The Milligan boys are pretty cute together!

Storytime is a favorite in the Milligan household

"Cole, this is how you brush your teeth." "Thanks for showing me how it's done, Tristan!"

A view from the front and a view from the back...

Lots of firsts for Cole, like sitting at the table in his high chair, holding his own bottle, using the big boy stroller, and playing in his bouncer

The wagon ride to the apple orchards was sooooo cool!

Who cares about an orchard full of apples when I can use this big stick to walk like my Yiayia Catherine?

Apple picking was the most fun ever!

I'm smiling because I'm dizzy

Playing in my excersaucer is exhausting!

Daddies and binkies are awesome...

What a face!

Tristan LOVES to feed Maddie; although, he usually gives her his food from the table.

It's a wonder that Tristan has any meat on his bones, considering how much of his food never makes it into his mouth

Tristan's diggin' the beach at Hope Lake...

I'm the only toy that belongs in this box!

Seriously, cuddling with a broom?