Friday, July 31, 2009

Aunt Kara gave me the coolest bathing suit--Thanks. Then, I got to go swimming for the FIRST TIME with my cousins...Fun, Fun, Fun!

I loved spending time with my Raymond Cousins. They rock! Happy Birthday Kyle...

Mom told me to be really nice to Lynda, one of her Fairy Godmothers. Lynda helped introduce Mom and Dad. Dad said Lynda ruined his life. I'm confused-

Hey Kerri--What did one lobster say to the other? Fu*# You!

I loved meeting Kerri & Ray. Thanks for all the cool outfits. Dad says there are a lot of poor kids in town who will love the new Red Sox stuff.

MA Trip: During my first full day I got to hang with the Welz Clan. I loved Madelyn. The rain dance Dad and I did worked to avoid Fenway Park.

Mom and I were "fresh meat" at the Abdo, Aboud, and Bahou Family Reunion in Watertown, NY. It was exhausting meeting so many new family members.

I loved meeting Cousin Greg, my Great-great Aunt Vicki, and Cousin Christina. I let them smile while looking at me...Thanks Aunt Helen for the hat!

My family rocks.....especially my Aunt Jesse and Great Aunt Carole. I sure hope Aunt Jesse isn't the one to teach me how to tell time.