Friday, August 13, 2010

We loved going to the Stone Zoo with our Mom and Dad and our Yiayia and Papou. Tristan loved the yak most, and Cole just simply yaked.

Dad says Mom and I belong behind bars--not sure what he means when he said that. He talks a lot anyway...

We got to hang at the ranch where Mom and Dad were married. Since the ranch just sold, Mom and Dad don't think we will make it back here anymore.

Yiayia, Papaou, Yiayia Catherine, and our cousins are the best!

Anyone heard if auditions for Happy Feet 2 have started?

Mom has taught me well--always share!

We loved our day with Mom and Dad in Boston. We hit Quincy Market for some grub and then played in the Boston Gardens.

The Raymond's threw another awesome party welcoming Thing 2. It was so much fun...

Two bro's chillin' in bed talkin trash about Mom and Dad.

Cole loved to spend time with his Yiayias

Dad tells me that I already throw rocks straighter and further than Mom does--if this does not work out I'll fall back on tennis (noises covered).

Dad showed me a cool trick

Mom and Dad took us to a very special beach in Gloucester. Dad wanted to show me all about snails, we really could have cared less.

Our first dinner while visiting Yiayia and Papou and Dad forced me to play with the food before we ate it. Yiayia was not happy!