Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In about 16 years, Tristan's going to be riding in the back of this very car. Thanks for giving me a view of the front seat, Officer Tony!

Hanging with friends at the Dairy Parade--it's too bad that Cole's teeth recently grew in, otherwise he would've fit right in.

So hard to believe that our littlest man is already a one-year-old. Happy birthday, baby boy!

Thanks for coming to visit us Yiayia, Papou, and Raymonds. We love you!

Playgrounds rock!

Move over Beckham!

Showing Cole the ropes...

Caring for his baby

Playing at the Courthouse Park, a.k.a. "water"

Some day Tristan will be driving Cole around in a car. For now, this will have to do...

Monkeys jumping on the bed


So much fun at the kitchen table! A little peek-a-boo to make the little brother laugh...a little food smeared on the face. Good times, good times..

What a bunch of blockheads...

Our first 5K as a family--all of that running wore out poor Cole.

A big boy carseat for a big little boy...


Between coloring "eggies," playing "tenoo," and dressing up like "hop hops," we had a blast this Easter!

I might look innocent, but I'm a little terror...