Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thanks Cacciapuoti's for coming all the way to Cortland from Newburyport. We loved your company. We did not love your Dad's stinky bum-bum.

Number Two started at Here We Grow daycare two days each week. He cries when we come to pick him up! Growing up too fast.

Big Big Big Trouble....All the time!

Caden's birthday party at the Ithaca Science Center was so cool. We have to go back!

Good bye Nana Peg's couch. We loved using you in our toy room!

Two Milligan Peas in a Pod....BFFs! OMG! Perf!

Snow Days Rock. Thank you Mr. Spring....At least we can give you credit for one positive thing at CHS.

Snugglin' in our new couch/beds while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Christmas in Cortland in January...Thanks for the boots Coley, thanks for the hat Jesse, thanks for the presents Santa!

Alyssa and Lee--a long way from 7th grade....Giddyup Sesame Street!

Fun with our cousin EJ, his Mommy, and his Daddy (the Fantasy Baseball Champ of 2011). We loved their new house!

Boston Christmas: We had so much fun with our Yiayia, Papou, Yiayia Catherine, cousins, and Aunt Kara and Uncle Mike.

Friend Christmas is always a highlight of our holidays. Mom and Dad say this should be good birth control. Pay attention Aunt Jesse!

Christmas Tree hunting in Groton is the best. Cole wanted every tree. Tristan wanted to cut down every tree. A nice holiday tradition!

Christmas anticipation with Mom at the World Famous Waterworks...My Papa works here, he's my hero!

Gobble Gobble Gobble...The Milligan Family Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving Morning. Thanks Yiayia and Papou for surprising us and coming to Cortland.

Celebrating the hard work of transplanting Tristan Victor's great grandfather's (Victor) grave stone dwarf albertus spruce to our backyard!